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Search is the bi-monthly magazine of The Open Bible Trust (OBT) and is only available by subscription. The cost of a year's subscription to Search is just £4.00 for the first year (£6.00 thereafter).

Published along with a separate Bible Study Booklet, Search aims to cater to Christians at all stages of their understanding, from the "Young Searchers" (pages for children) through the "Search in ..." series (which provides questions for group discussion), to the in-depth systematic expositions of different Bible books.

The editor, "Michael Penney", has granted permission to put on the website "Levend Water" any of the articles, booklets, books and Bible Study CDs, we feel suitable, so we shall not be infringing any copyright. Articles of Search Magazine will be placed without protection, but books and booklets of the OBT will be protected, so you can't copy them, save them or print them. You can only view them with Windows Internet Explorer, (not with Opera, Mozilla, etc.), so you get an impression of the content. Past published booklets and books of the OBT can be purchased on the OBT Publications page.

A selection of Search articles can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate title on the INDEX page. However, to get a proper 'feel' of Search, and the Booklets, OBT would like to send you free samples, along with details of the special offers that go with a subscription. To get samples and further information, please go to the OBT Ordering page.

The Bible Study Booklet, which is a separate publication, is also sent to those on the mailing list, along with Search. The Booklets may be subscribed to on their own, also at an initial cost of just £4.00 (£6.00 for subsequent years). However, if Search and the Booklets are both desired, then the first year's subscription is just £7.00 (subsequent years £10.00). Click here to subscribe online.

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